About us

Founded by a Professor, a Doctor and a PhD student we were able to implement a scientific methodology to precisely craft our Spirits. Capturing the essence of doing things right to the highest of standards without compromise. We respect tradition, but replace guess work with the application of Science and constantly challenge our own methodology on a journey of experimentation.

Dr. Samuel James Rowley-Neale

Sam is responsible for the development of the brand of Manchester Still Inc, the production of our own products/base spirits and the commercial development of the brand.

“After the learning about the rich history of spirit production I was disappointed that many UK distilleries do not make their own alcohol. I appreciated the quality of some of the “imports” but realised there was a clear disconnect between tasting a spirit and knowing the methods of how it was produced and the quality of the raw materials. I was determined to change this, to be the first in a generation to establish a true distillery in the UK where I knew that every drop was made to the highest standards. This led me down a pathway of becoming an expert in distillation, gaining a PhD in Chemistry, and establishing the Manchester Still”


Dr. Michael Down

Mike is responsible for technical aspects of the company including distillation services, in which we develop products and collaborations with external brands and partners.