Faraday's Proof and Dalton's Element

We are extremely proud to announce our high quality, high purity rum is now available on the Whiskey Exchange. We have been working hard to develop a couple of products that we can be proud of and we have finally achieved it. 

Faraday's Proof is a white rum with unparalleled purity and smoothness. Distilled from natural unrefined molasses, and a specially formulated yeast, this is the epitome of excellence. 

Dalton's Element is a spiced rum, and the reason this took so long. This rum took us 14 months of experimentation, testing, long nights, and laborious days to develop a delicately balanced spiced rum. Fusing tradition and our own Mancunian twist, we have come up with a smooth, yet punchy, rum that truly represents the spirit of the city in which is was made. 

Head over to the Whiskey Exchange to purchase yours! 

Faraday's Proof Here

Dalton's Element Here