6 Vodka

6 Vodka by Manchester Still (40% ABV)

Scientifically fermented, distilled and bottled in Manchester UK. Made using UK grown naked barley and Crag spring water from the Peak district. Named “6” after the atomic number of Carbon in ode to 40 layers of advanced carbon filters that make every sip reassuringly pure. By using the finest local/UK sourced ingredients we hope to embed the ethos of sustainability into our distilleries culture, practises, and products with 6 Vodka being the perfectly example of doing things right.

What is Naked Barley?

Today, naked barley is rarely grown but is a fantastic crop! It requires half as much water per tonne as wheat and needs far less fertiliser. Typical barley has an indigestible husk that can only be removed by polishing, this process removes a lot of the goodness from the grain. In naked barley the husk is not stuck to the grain, making is less energy intensive to process and more nutritionally rich. Naked barley is high in complex carbohydrates, has a low glycaemic index (GI) and is high in flavanoids. This makes it a perfect source of carbohydrates to create our wort for distillation. We support the Anglia Food Link and a group of organic and conventional UK based farmers to revive this remarkable crop and make it a staple of our reassuringly pure Vodka.

What is Crag Spring Water?

Crag Spring Water is a source of exceptionally high-quality spring water (virtually absent of nasties, with very low levels nitrates and nitrites), which having filtered through layers of sand and rock for centuries, is rich in trace minerals resulting in some of the silkiest, smoothest water ever to be tasted. The water source is in the heart of England's Peak District and was discovered in the Crag Inn pub, which was purchased and had the water tested as part of an annual water safety inspection only to discover its exceptional quality. The incredible quality of Crag Spring helps imbue 6 Vodka with its pure silky flavour.

What is a Carbon Filter?

A key stage in the production of Vodka is filtration, in which the unwanted aromas and flavours are removed from the distilled spirit in order to produce a pure and neutral Vodka. The founders of the Manchester Still, being scientists at a University in Manchester, have authored over 500 academic publications, many of which are in the field of nano-carbon and 2D materials. This knowledge allowed them to optimise a unique filtration methodology, in which the premium distilled spirit is filtered through 40 separate layers of advanced nano-carbon to yield a scientifically pure Vodka.

Here is a sneaky peak at the how the labels will look.